2012 Los Angeles Photographic Festival

Time:March 3-11, 2012
Location:China Press Exhibition Hall

Debut in 2009, Los Angeles Chinese Photographic Festival is a biennial cultural event that  promotes exchanges between photographers from both China and U.S. and to enhance understanding between Chinese and American society.

2012 Los Angeles Photographic Festival held on March 3, 2012 through March 11, 2012. As the opening event, The Joint Exhibition of Chinese and American Photographers draws the curtain of this year’s Festival on March 3, 2012.. This joint exhibition features landscape and documentary photography in public lives, and exhibits masterpieces of Mr. Long Chinsan and Lanxiu Lee, as well as the photographic works by many awarding-winning Chinese photographers. Some special elected photographic works from China Lishui International Photographic Festival and Shanghai international Long Chin-San Photography Contest also join this event.