2014 Los Angeles Chinese Photographic Festival

Time:October 18-21, 2014     November 8-10, 2014
Location:China Press Exhibition Hall


Founded in 2009 by Chinese American photographers in Southern California, Los Angeles Chinese Photographic Festival is a biennial cultural event that displays and introduces award-winning photographic works taken by photographers from China, local Chinese community, and their non-Chinese counterparts in Southern California. Since its debut, the Festival has been on a mission to introduce Chinese photography to the U.S., promote robust exchange between Chinese and American photographers, and enhance mutual understandings of unique culture and society in the two countries.

2014 Los Angeles Chinese Photographic Festival was organized by US-China Photographers’ Society, the Photographic Society of Los Angeles, Shanghai Overseas Photographers’ Association, and sponsored by Chinese Culture Development Center. The Festival featured pictures taken by more than 400 photographers, including famous masters Xianmin Zhu, Wenlan Wang, Zheng Gong, Wugong Hu, Jiulin Suo, Pinhe Wu, etc. As the opening event, the annual Joint Photography Exhibition of Chinese and American Photographers kicked off this year’s festival featuring award-winning photos that brought to audiences magnificent scenes and stories captured by Chinese and American photographers.