2018 Impression of Los Angeles Photography


Time:June 5-11, 2018
Location:Los Angeles

Organized by World Chinese Photographers Alliance and Chinese culture Development center in Los Angeles, co-hosted by Hong Kong China Tourism Press and the greater Los Angeles photographer association, 2018 “the impression of Los Angeles” photography held on June 5, 2018 in Los Angeles.
Initiated by Hong Kong China Tourism Press and World Chinese Photographers Alliance in 2002, Impression Series is a major part of a global travel photography project, Cross-Strait and World Chinese Travel Photography. On a mission to capture tourist attractions, natural wonder, social lives, and local cultures with unique perspectives, Impression Series has successfully launched in Sydney, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Macau.



Wang Miao
Former vice president and chief editor of China Tourism Press in Hong Kong and chief editor of Huaxia Human Geography magazine.
Wang Wenlan
Senior consultant of China Daily, Vice chairman of China Photographers Association, consultant.
Liu Yu
deputy director of the Central Group of Xinhua News Agency, deputy director of the Interview Center of Xinhua News Agency, director of the Social News Interview Room and the international Photo Editing Room of Xinhua News Agency.
Li Ge
Chairman of China Photographers Association, vice chairman of China Press Photography Society. Director of photography Department and senior reporter of People’s Daily.
He Yanguang
Former director of photography department of China Youth Daily, former vice president of China Press Photography Society.
Yong He
Former director of photography department of Xin Min Weekly and vice chairman of China Photographers Association.
Xie Hailong
Director of publicity Department of Chongwen District Culture Museum in Beijing, a photojournalist of China Youth Daily, and the director of information Center of China Photographers Association.