2018 Los Angeles Chinese Photography Festival

Time:November 10, 2018
Location:Hacienda Heights Community Center

The 5th Annual Los Angeles Chinese Photography Festival 2018 officially opened at the Hacienda Heights Community Center in Los Angeles County on November 10, 2018. This event was sponsored by the Photographic Society of Los Angeles and supported by The Chinese Culture Development Center, featured more than 600 pictures from Chinese and American photographers, including more than 30 famous Chinese photographers, including Zhu Xianmin, Wang Wenlan, He Yanguang, Wang Miao, Gong Zheng and Xie Hailong.

The festival also included a number of single exhibitions with rich cultural connotations, such as “China grand Canal Photography Exhibition”, “Chinese and American Photographers Joint Exhibition” and “Impression of Los Angeles”. In addition to domestic photographers, the works of 30 American photographers and overseas Chinese photographers in the United States were also exhibited and exchanged. The Los Angeles Chinese Photography Festival was founded in 2009 and is held every two years. The purpose of the event is to spread Chinese culture and promote the professional exchanges and interactions between Chinese and American photographers. In the past ten years, it has successfully created an exhibition and exchange platform to introduce Chinese human geography and cultural features to the American public through photography.