2022 Through the Lens: An Asian American Experience in 2021 in Cerritos

Time: August 11 – August 22, 2022

Location: Cerritos Library

Co-organized by the Greater Los Angeles Photographic Society and the Los Angeles Chinese Cultural Development Center, sponsored by East West Bank, Through the Lens: An Asian Americans in 2021 photo exhibition was held at the lobby of Cerritos Library. 

This is the exhibition series’s third stop, also recognized as Cerritos Library’s Display of the Month. The exhibition’s first stop was held at the Arcadia Public Library, and the second stop was held in Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library. Our previous exhibitions have been warmly received and highly appreciated by the community. The organizers have selected 48 exhibited photos for the 10-day display.

During the exhibition, CCDC received letters of thanks from the Cerritos City Council. Many visitors left comments in the exhibition guestbook, acknowledging the exhibition’s empowerment to the Asian community. A message from the audience signed by D. Tilahun wrote, “Great Solidarity in time of need! Patience, love and respect for all people.” A message from an audience signed in Korean as aeri wrote, “Hard to belive how hard it is to get poeple to think we are human. But we are here, we will not be silent, we will not be erased.”

Participating Photographer

Ringo Chiu

Ringo Chiu AKA “The Machine”, a 2021 Pulitzer Prize Winner in Breaking News Photography and 2019 Pulitzer Prize Finalist in Breaking News Photography.

Libby Cline Birmingham

Libby Cline Birmingham is a Los Angeles-based photographer specializing in sports, editorial, and commercial photography.

Damian Dovarganes

Damian Dovarganes is an Associated Press Staff Photographer and West Photo editor in Los Angeles.

Roy DyBuncio

Roy DyBuncio is a Los Angeles-based street photographer who grew up in the Philippines.

Brian Feinzimer

Brian Feinzimer is a published photojournalist whose work focuses on sharing the diverse and rich voices that make up Southern California in addition to covering social and political issues.

Apu Gomes

Apu Gomes was the President of PPAGLA, and an award-winning photojournalist and filmmaker specialized in social conflict with more than 17 years of experience working to cover the news and the people.

Yanguang He

Yanguang He is a famous news photographer in China. He is the former director of photography department of China Youth Daily.

Genaro Molina

Genaro Molina is an award-winning staff photographer for the Los Angeles Times. He has worked in journalism for close to 40 years starting at the San Francisco Chronicle.

Raul Roa

Raul Roa is an award-winning

photojournalist based in Los


Richard Vogel

Richard Vogel has been an Associated Press Photo Editor Los Angeles from 2006 to present.

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